An Attitude of Gratitude

It seems impossible to not blog about Thanksgiving at this time of year and why not?  It is, in fact, my favorite holiday because it truly makes us acknowledge what we are thankful for in our lives.   As triathletes and runners we have an amazing support system, through spouses, family, significant others, friends and more.  Honestly, we couldn’t do what we do without them – it’s very simple.  People often say triathlon is a solo event, but no way!  I know it takes a village and I appreciate that village.   Besides our support system, we are thankful for our health and the ability to do what we do at no matter what speed…right?  (We notice this especially when we are forced to become creative in our training attempts);  we are thankful for the freedom to be able to train and race and so much more.

Snoopy is my favorite and he says it all.

  • I am grateful for everything!
  • I am grateful for perfect weather conditions on race day!  It doesn’t come often, but when it does, WOW!
  • I am grateful for light winds on the bike and tailwind on the way home.
  • I am grateful for waters just cold enough for a wetsuit, but not too warm to overheat.  Wetsuit legal is an awesome term.
  • I am grateful for tri shorts that are the perfect fit.  No chafing, and no rubber grip to make the “sausagelook” around the legs.
  • I am grateful for Tri Slide, Body Glide, Vasoline and especially those volunteers that hand out Vasoline on the run course of an Ironman.  Good grief, what a job and those volunteers are awesome.
  • I am grateful for my muscular legs because honestly they make me a strong cyclist and I love to ride!
  • I am grateful for water bottles that fit securely in the cages on my bike!
  • I am grateful for Caffé Latex…if you’ve never tried it, it’s a must and it saved my IMFL 2014 and probably more cycling adventures than I can count.
  • I am grateful for a smooth bike course on race day and no bumpy roads to rattle everything on my bike.
  • I am grateful for the volunteers at each and every Ironman and especially the one at Kona that put a cool towel on my head in transition and helped me put on my socks when my feet were so swollen. Thank you!
  • I am grateful for goggles that don’t leak or fog!
  • I am grateful for my training buddies that are ready to tackle any adventure.  (This does fall in thefriends category, but it’s a must).
  • I am grateful for hand warmers and those of you that know me know this is a must.
  • I am grateful for the ability to stomach almost any gel, drink, etc…offered on the course.  (that isn’t for everyone)
  • I am grateful for my bike mechanic,  my coach, my blog poster, my athletes, my team, my mind, mytrainer and so much more.

Finally, I am grateful to you for taking the time to read about my crazy thoughts.  May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and take time to enjoy the day and reflect on how lucky we are.

Celebrate family, friends, and the food that nourishes our bodies.    May you have an amazing day!