My Blog Relaunch:  What, When and Why

Pink Iron Chick:  What started as a fun way to chat about triathlons, endurance and anything and everything went quiet for a bit as I lost my focus and my intent.  Ahhhhhh, my intent, my focus, my why and that made me think and wonder should I re-brand or go back to my roots and you know what, I went back to ME!

I am Pink:  I love the mix of the passion of red, but the calmness and quiet of white.  I love the warmth, but at the same time the brightness of pink; I love the nurturing and compassionate side of pink, because it is my passion to build a strong athlete, but also help them navigate the challenges of the endurance world.   I love the optimism of pink and the youthfulness it portrays. I am PINK!

I am Iron:  I simply fell in love with the Ironman.  I fell in love with the distance and the challenges and the thought that anything is possible.   My original goal was to complete 12 events and qualify for Kona by the legacy, but proving in the vein that anything is possible, I qualified at #12.  It is the lifestyle that I love; the friendships I have made; the challenges I have attempted.  I am IRON.

I am a Chick:  Well, that goes without saying and honestly, I don’t talk colloquial often, but I do have a few “Sami’ism’s.”  But now as I rebrand a bit and build Fusion Endurance, a coaching company dedicated to a vision for the future, I am reminded of the hawk, as they have a steeled eye vision for what they want. Chicks, Hawks; somewhat related, right. I am a CHICK.

Pink Iron Chick promises thoughts on athletic performance, integrating training into your lifestyle, building a vision for your future, but also thoughts on life and navigating the challenges of an endurance journey.

For now, welcome back — to me, to you and to Pink Iron Chick.

Onward and Upward we go.

Soar Higher than you Dare!