See You There?

Show Up
The key to improvement in the endurance world is consistency. There isn’t one single session that builds the ability to conquer a goal. But how to achieve consistency when it seems hard, when it seems cold, when the motivation is waning due to stress and obligations? I am here to say it: Just show up!


Showing up means being prepared to put in the work, regardless of outside factors or obstacles, including your own mind at times. Showing up for yourself is important, but also showing up for others. You may be the catalyst that just helps a fellow athlete get through a session.


Success (measured in different ways for everyone), is achieved by hard work. So make it a point to show up, whether physically being present or mentally committed to getting something done. Head out for 3 miles, meet a friend at the pool, or tackle that interval session on the bike. Put on those shoes, grab your pool towel and let’s get to work creating a stronger YOU and a stronger community.